Thought For Food at Change Now!

Publié par Lethicia Magno, le 23 mai 2022   660

Last week, TFF participated in the world's biggest event for the planet: CHANGE NOW!

I was there sponsored by #ThoughtforFood, a leader in next-gen innovation and startup acceleration for food and agriculture. In this article I tell you everything!

First of all, some words about #ChangeNOW. This year, the Summit took place in Paris on 19-21 May 2022 and brought together over to 50 incredible speakers from around the world. Over 3-days, visitors were able to test new technologies and innovative ideas, as well as listen to hundreds of startups pitches from future change-leaders 🌍

Two moments that have marked my memory:

1 - Dr. Jane Goodall, who inspired us beyond the imagination with her determination : « people tell me to slow down, but I don’t know how much time I have, so I’m thinking I should speed up »
2 - Adam McKay, director of the Netflix movie « Don’t look up », alongside with IPCC author Yamina Saheb , scientist Britt Wray, PhD and young activist Camille Etienne, who told us about small actions we can take every day to make a difference

Some startups that I had the pleasure to meet:

- Eloi: helps farmers in their agro-ecological transition

- Fruit and Food: connects hobby gardeners and potential consumers

- Myfood: produces innovative and connected greenhouses

- Treevia: helps monitoring carbon credits

- Happyvore: the best plant-based nugget of my life

Do you feel inspired by these change-makers solutions?

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